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Examination & Promotion
The larger context of education is to prepare futuristic citizens for a meaningful and productive life in a globalised society. To strengthen the education system a school based evaluation system - continuous and comprehensive evaluation (CCE) suggested by C.B.S.E. has been applicable since the academic session 2010-2011. It facilitates the school to expand its activities to bring greater vibrancy in scholastic as well as co-scholastic pursuits. The assessment of the students in every class is done in the form of grades. In CCE, assessment is divided into three parts

Part - I : Academic Performance - Scholastic Areas.

Academic Session shall have two terms.
Term -I : April to September
Term-II : October to March
Each term will have two Formative and one Summative Assessment test. The grading scale for scholastic domain is a nine point scale based on direct grading.
The weightage of Format ive Assessment (FA) and Summat ive Assessment (SA) shall be as follows :
Term Type of Assessment Percentage of Weightage in academic session Term-wise Weightage Total
First Term (April-Sept.) Formative Assessment I 10% Formative Assessment 1+2 = 20% Formative = 40% Summative=60% Total = 100%
Formative Assessment 2 10%
Summative Assessment 1 30% Summative Assessment - 1=30%
Second Term (Oct.-March) Formative Assessment 3 10% Formative Assessment 3+4=20%
Formative Assessment 4 10%
Summative Assessment 2 30% Summative Assessment - 2=30%

Part-2 : Co-scholastic Areas

The Assessment in Co-scholastic areas will be of
i) Life Skills -Thinking, Social and Emotional skills (To be assessed on a five point scale)
ii) Attitudes and Values -To be assessed on a three point grading scale

Part-3 Co-scholastic Activites

Grading on a three point scale will be done in the following areas -
(a) Activities- (i) Literary, creative, scientific, Aesthetic and Club Activities.
(ii) Health and Physical education.
(b) Activities (Any two to be assessed during a year) NCC / NSS, Yoga, Gymnastic, Scouts / Guides, Sports, First Aid etc.
All assessments with regard to academic status of the students will be done in marks and overall assessment will be given in grades.
Students shall be assessed according to the following grades.


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