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Principal's Message

In the year 1952 Model School was set to impart education through English medium, first of its kind in Rohtak. Since then the school has earned a name for itself.

There is nothing that gives me more/pleasure than seeing the dreams the goals and the Aspirations we’ve had for modalites, come true we choose a path that others are afraid to tread and stay away from. Modalites are sure of their destination and know how to get there.

In our institution, modalities are encouraged to discover their true calling and realize their true potential. The result of our efforts is already apparent. Modalites stand out and excel in competitions, examinations, talent searches, sports meets etc. our students, when they step into the wide world to occupy excellent positions, leave a far bigger mark.

While Model School branches have grown in number, the school’s focus has not wavered one bit. We are ready to do everything in our power to transform every one of our students into ‘A Leader’ of tomorrow.

It is our constant endeavor to nature the new generation of students and focus on holistic development. We want modalities as the torch- bearers, who raise humanity through inspiring projects. Our commitment to the quest for perfection is total and lasting.

We look forward to the co-operation of the society in our efforts to achieve our mission: “To inculcate moral values amongst the students”.

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